Movie Review of The Light Between Oceans

Movie  The Light Between Oceans
Release Date 2 September 2016
Genre  Drama
Cast  Michael Fassbender,
Alicia Vikander,
Rachel Weisz,
Caren Pistorius,
Anthony Hayes,
Emily Barclay,
Leon Ford
Director  Derek Cianfrance
Story By  M. L. Stedman
Music Composer  Alexandre Desplat
Producer  David Heyman,
Jeffrey Clifford
Distributor  Walt Disney Studios,
Motion Pictures
Language  English

The Light Between Oceans Story & Plot, Wiki

Tom Sherbourne is a light house keeper and his wife Isabel, both love each other and living together off the coast of Western Australia. One day they found a baby girl who come to their place on lifeboat. Both decides to adopt that baby girl and rise her as their own child. After some years in event Tom Sherbourne and Isabel meet a woman named Hannah Roennfeldt, who states that she lost her husband and her baby daughter at sea around the exact time that Tom Sherbourne and his wife adopted a baby girl.

The Light Between Oceans Teaser & Trailer Review

The Light Between Oceans movie is based on the bestselling novel of same name. Movies official trailer is out and it’s featuring all leading roles from movie. Michael Fassbender is playing role Tom Sherbourne and Alicia Vikander is playing role of Isabel Sherbourne, who is wife of Tom Sherbourne. Trailer starts with showing couple and their relationship with each other. Trailer has also featured a lifeboat with a baby girl. After finding out baby girl real mother, Isabel does not wish to give that baby girl to her real mother as she has raised her. Overall movie has a pretty nice story.

The Light Between Oceans First Look & Poster

Movies official poster is out and its featuring movies name on it with every word has a different font size and its look kind of cool. Poster is not featuring leading role actor or actress on it, it is just a black poster with movie names on it. Movies official three other movie looks are out and which are featuring Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander on them.



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