Movie Review of Snowden

Movie  Snowden
Release Date 16 September 2016
Genre  Biographical, Thriller
Cast  Joseph Gordon-Levitt,
Shailene Woodley,
Melissa Leo,
Zachary Quinto,
Tom Wilkinson,
Scott Eastwood,
Logan Marshall-Green,
Timothy Olyphant,
Ben Schnetzer,
LaKeith Lee Stanfield,
Rhys Ifans,
Nicolas Cage
Director  Oliver Stone
Story By  Luke Harding,
Anatoly Kucherena
Music Composer  Craig Armstrong
Producer  Endgame Entertainment,
Wild Bunch
Distributor  Open Road Films
Language  English

Snowden Story & Plot, Wiki

story is from true incident of Edward Snowden, who is an American computer professional. He was first were very excited about his government top position job but after knowing deep dark secretes of project. He decides to steal that data and bring it in front of people so he gets his hands on classified information from NSA-National Security Agency. He leaks it through The Guardian newspaper.

Snowden Teaser & Trailer Review

Movies official trailer is out and it’s featuring everything from plot information. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is playing role of Edward Snowden and he really fits to that character. His look from movie is exactly same as original Edward Snowden. Trailer starts with featuring about him getting qualified for job, then his girlfriend Lindsay Mills, Shailene Woodley is playing her role. We get general idea about movie from its trailer as they have shown many things in it and also it is based on true incident so we can also get information about it on internet. Movie is about what actually he leaked and how he did it. We might see another one trailer soon, may be in or before June month.

Snowden First Look & Poster

Movies official poster is out and it’s featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Edward Snowden, If you have seen real Edward Snowden photo then you can easily realize Joseph Gordon-Levitt look from movie is almost same. Poster is with saying “The only safe place is on the run”.


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