Movie Review

Movie  Inferno
Release Date 28 October 2016
Genre  Mystery, Thriller
Cast  Tom Hanks,
Felicity Jones,
Omar Sy,
Ben Foster,
Irrfan Khan,
Sidse Babett Knudsen
Director  Ron Howard
Story By  Dan Brown
Music Composer  Hans Zimmer
Producer  Brian Grazer,
Michael De Luca,
Andrea Giannetti
Distributor  Columbia Pictures
Language  English

Inferno Story & Plot, Wiki

Robert Langdon, who is a Harvard University professor of symbology awakens in hospital in Florence, Italy. He suddenly realize that he has no memory of last few days and soon he also find that he is again target of a major manhunt. During all this he meet Dr. Sienna Brooks, who help him to escape and with the help of him and his own knowledge, he tries to regain his lost memory of few days. In order to get those memory he have to solve many difficult Very complicated riddles that he has ever faced.

Inferno Teaser & Trailer Review

Inferno movie is sequel to Angels & Demons movie, which was released in 2009 and Angels & Demons movie was sequel to The Da Vinci Code movie, which was release in 2006. Both past series movie has a very good story and also a good response from public. Movies trailer is not out yet but as movie is scheduled to release in October 2016, we can expect movies teaser trailer to come at mid-2016. After knowing movie’s plot information we can say that movie has a very good story this time also. If you are fan of Tom Hanks’s movies then you should add this movie to your watch list.

Movies first official trailer is out and it is amazing, featuring some intense scenes from movie. From trailer it’s  look like this part has very good story than previous two part. First two part was about saving some people with solving ancient puzzles but this part is having more than that. Trailer is featuring that they are talking about saving humanity on earth or killing half people on earth and answer to that is Robert Langdon. Surely movie will surprise everyone in theater on 28th Oct.  Irrfan Khan is also featured in trailer, he is playing role of Harry who is helping Zobrist in his mission. Ben Foster is playing role of Bertrand Zobrist, who is a transhumanist scientist and he is intent on solving the world’s overpopulation problem. Overall movie has very good story and surely will increase little bit knowledge. We can expect movies second official trailer in June month.Sony Pictures has released a new trailer of the movie where Tom Hanks reprises his role of ever brilliant Robert Langdon who bears the power and can assume his visionary to unlock the clue and mysteries which is well narrated and elaborated in a two and a half minutes long video.

Inferno First Look & Poster

Inferno movies first looks and movies official poster is out. Movies official poster we have shared above, which is featuring Tom Hanks in his riddle solving look and background is full of fire and also in fire one woman is featuring, that woman might be Felicity Jones. Movies poster is also with message “lasciate ogni speranza voi ch’entrate” and its English meaning is “Abandon all hope, you who enter here”. Four movies scenes photos are also out which are featuring Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones.

They have just updated movies official new poster so we have shared it above. New poster is featuring Tom Hanks in usual look. Poster is with saying “Based on the best selling novel by the author of the davinci code and angels and demons” and “Every clue will take him deeper”. From poster it’s look like we are going to see much more exciting and unimaginable things in movie. They have also updated movies release date from 10th October to 28th October.


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